1. Apply

Fill out an application describing your business and website needs. If your business fits in our Marketing Launch Kit, you'll receive an acceptance e-mail. If your business does not fit (for example, requires more than 5 pages) we will reply back letting you know other options that would be more suitable for your specific business.

2. Discovery

Once you've been accepted, you will choose a date and time to schedule our Discovery session. You will learn more about how Millermore works, and we will learn everything we need to know about your business. We will also look to secure all assets and logins needed to complete the build.

3. Build

After the Discovery session, we will mark the next available day on the calendar to be the Build day. With everything we've gathered during the Discovery session, we will complete the build and launch the site. After launch, you still have a 30-day warranty where you can make requests to make changes to the site such as copy, font, and colors.