Our Process

Whether we're developing a newly established brand, engineering a technology for a start-up or redefining a user experience, our first ingredient is always passion. Here at Millermore, we believe that passion is the foundation for every digital experience we produce.

Founded in late 2013, we're an established creative digital agency located in Darien, CT. Though the brand is new, the experience and knowledge we bring aren't. We are passionate designers, driven developers, and creative thinkers.

We work with a wide variety of businesses and start-ups to help them establish their brand, grow businesses and transform their online presence. However, before a line of content is written, a pixel is created, or a line of code is typed we take the time to understand your business and the problems you face.


Step 1: Strategy Session

Spend 1-2 hours discussing your business dreams with us. We'll quickly get back to you with a ready-to-go action plan. It's up to you if you want to do it yourself, hire someone, or have us implement the plan.


Step 2: Make It Happen

Get more done by having the Millermore team execute the action plan. The cost of the Strategy Session will be taken off the cost of the implementation.