About Graphic Design

At Millermore, we offer graphic design services in-house. Our specialties include logo design, corporate identity packages (logo, business card, letterhead, email signature, and social media graphics), email marketing, social media marketing, banner advertising, and deck presentations.

Our Graphic Design Process

After a discovery session, we work together with our clients to identity the look and feel we are aiming to achieve for the overall brand. The first step includes presenting a branding and style guide that we follow throughout our relationship with the client to develop consistency. The branding and style guide consists of the logo and appropriate usage, typeface for web and print, brand colors (primary and supporting), icons (if needed), and sample creative (ads, images, etc.). Once we develop the concept for the logo, we will present various options to the client to gather feedback until we decide a final logo. 

If you're looking for graphic design services in the Fairfield or Westchester County area, please contact us to schedule an initial call to discuss details.

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