About Strategic Consulting

After we dive deep into your business, market, and your audience during the discovery sessions, we compile a full list of strategies to help build or grow your online business. At Millermore, we identify the top priorities for your business whether it starts with strengthening your foundation, improving your web presence, or increasing quality traffic and conversions. We like to say we're the "marketing arm" to your business specializing in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and online advertising.

Our Consulting Process

For every new project at Millermore, we start out with discovery sessions which allows us to understand your business and your unique needs. Once we understand the tasks at hand, we can begin researching and compiling an online marketing strategy and implementation plan to fulfill your needs. We will run a complete audit of your overall online presence to prioritize the tasks and identify low-hanging fruit that will make a big impact on your business. After presenting our strategy, we can discuss next steps on how to implement the tasks and will create a realistic timeline to complete the project.

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